Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seafood Sensations

Yesterday, while on my Facebook page (an activity I rarely participate in with sparse time intervals), I was treated to the latest centerfold from Burgerville's House of All-American Food Porn. 

Oooooooh yeah. 

Let's hear a little bit more about Miss May. 

We're introducing a sandwich so delicious, you'll migrate back to it again and again. Our new Grille...d Coho Salmon Sandwich features Wild-caught Alaskan Coho Salmon from fisheries that are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. This delicious sandwich is grilled to order and placed atop a bed of fresh frisée with lemon aioli on a toasted Kaiser bun. Try one today!

Well, thank you for the invite.  I believe I shall.  So, without the excuse of inedible Healthy Choice or anything else, I made plans to go out to lunch tomorrow.  Not an easy decision.  I had some great white chicken chili leftovers screaming for some love in the fridge, and I've become a frugal Nazi about not eating out during the week.  More money on the weekends. 

So there I was, sack lunchless, sitting at my desk and wondering how it could possibly still be just 10:40 am when this email splashed across my graphic designer marketeriffic monitor.  The elusive Free Basket Upgrade coupon!  As if I was somehow psychically connected to this sandwich, email blasting my heart's desire in the most beautiful marketing synergy ever.  Facebook post followed-up with email collateral piece.  Target market achieved.

I arrived to find the other elusive Burgerville anomaly: a parking spot.  And no line!  I walked right up to the counter, stupid grin on my face and printed coupon in my hand: it was immediately clear what I was after. 

There's been a lot of press about this new nutritional facts receipt Burgerville's been piloting.  Yes, it can be very depressing to see what you've just done to yourself.  But I guess I didn't do TOO bad.  Considering.  Maybe.  It's just amazing that even when you're being good at a restaurant, ordering the side salad and grilled fish sandwich, you're still subjecting yourself to half a day's worth of calories.  I justify it with the sad little cup of oatmeal I had in the morning, and by promising myself I will have very few tortellinis for dinner. 

One of the many great things about Burgerville is that the food actually does resemble its glamour shot.  When I received my sandwich and side salad, I delightfully observed that the salmon looked like a piece of FISH, like the kind I grill at home.  That comes from a creature.  In the ocean.  Not a scary mealy patty injected with saltwater and polluck.  Also, they've just made some major upgrades to their side salads (you can substitute them at no cost from fries in a basket).  Instead of their ho-hum iceburg lettuce, one tomato and cheddar cheese, they've gone to a leaf mix with raddichio, TWO TOMATOES, red onion and SHARP cheddar cheese.  I actually didn't feel sad about missing out on my beloved ketchup vessels. 

The sandwich far exceeded my expectations.  The fish was not fake or fishy at all.  On the contrary, it tasted fresh, light, and just like salmon is supposed to.  The lemon aioli added a bright citrus flavor, but I'd ask for a light drizzle next time to cut down on calories.  Flavors this good don't need to drown.  It just blew my mind, sitting in a fast food restaurant on my lunch half-hour, and having a meal that tastes like something I'd eat and enjoy at home.  Burgerville, I love you.

When I got back to the office, high on Omega 3's, Malika was chowing on one too.  She, and this sandwich, are awesome. 


  1. Oh how I wish there was a Burgerville close to Buckley! Guess we have Taco Time and Walleys.

  2. I used to hate salmon so much that when my dad served it for dinner I'd put ketchup on it. But now... Oh, do I love it. Just a little lemon juice, lemon pepper, and a hint of dill, and I'm in heaven. I want to try this sandwhich, you have no idea, but then I couldn't go out for dinner the rest of the week. I'll have to work it into my plan somehow...