Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Weekend

I can't think of many things better than 3 day weekends.  4 day weekends?  Probably.  Still, it was a treat I was looking forward to for ages and savored as much as I could.  We didn't do anything spectacular: no camping trips, flights to Vegas or days at the coast.  Spent mostly close to home, with a few errands and a quick day trip to Scappoose.  Even so, it was the most relaxed and calm I've felt in as long as I can remember. 

On Saturday we were called out to Matt's dad's house.  He's on a salmon spree, striving to get 40 spring chinook this season. His good luck on the line, and my good grill-getting fortune, came together quite serendipitously. 

Here I am with #38, caught that very morning and wrapped up and ready for a sure-to-be-monumental Blankenbarbecue. 

Speaking of barbecues, even though it was Memorial Day, I felt hardly compelled to go out and grill.  With very little exception, it's been rainy, cold and overcast for days.  At Matt's request, we planned our menu around savoring the last of the chilly weather comfort foods that it will be soon be too hot to bake.  I made two batches of homemade lasagna: one that we enjoyed on the couch last night while watching Rome on DVD, the other is in the freezer with #38, to feed Matt while I'm at school in a couple weeks.  I worry about him; sustaining on a diet of Dairy Queen and beer... mostly beer. 

Today I capped off my (hopeful) goodbye to shitty weather with a whole roasted chicken in the Le Creuset.  My very favorite piece of kitchenware, which will be heading into almost-retirement until the fans are turned off in September.  I bought it with the money I earned selling my first car (a Ford Aerostar) on Craigslist.  That, and my Kitchen Aid blender.  It's a timeless, classic piece, something I'll pass on to theoretical grandchildren that, as fate will have it, probably will hate cooking.

I tried to incorporate more fresh, summery ingredients than usual, like lemons, dijon mustard, and roasted garlic butter I made last night and rubbed liberally underneath the skin.  I roasted it, covered, in the oven for an hour.  The smell of herbs and citrus overtook the hot dog scent coming in through the windows, which was a pleasant turf war to witness.  I made a wild rice pilaf for me; Matt wanted Stove Top and macaroni and cheese.  Since I'm getting back into that skirt, I decided to march to the beat of my own sensible drum. 

I took off the skin, too.  It looked prettier with the encrusted herbs, but hopefully you can appreciate the beauty of clear arteries in this shot.

Also, I finally got my vintage food ads framed!  Another piece of making my "country vintage circa 1950's" kitchen a reality.  One piece at a time! 

Ugh, decorating is a painfully slow process.  I need instant gratification.  Maybe that's why my hobby is cooking.  You reap the rewards the very same day.  Usually.  Unless there's a marinade involved.


  1. Oooh. I could teach you a hairstyle to match your kitchen :)

  2. I would LOVE that!! Then maybe I could get fabulous vintage themey pictures to decorate my blog, and get motivated to change this boring stock style. Also, just the general happiness of looking cute.

  3. That salmon looks fantastic! Yumm!