Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Readers: Help Us Happy our Easter!

The subject of Easter dinner has been a bit contentious in the Blankenhaus. First I thought I was going to have my dream come true and get to make my lamb Easter.  Then, when talking to Matt and coming to the realization that he doesn't really like lamb and it would be a really expensive endeavor for two (and basically one excited) person, I figured it wasn't actually worth it.  I proposed prime rib, but he balked at the price.  He wanted turkey, I flat-out refused to make a WINTER BIRD FOR A SPRING CELEBRATION!!  THAT'S IDIOTIC!!!  Whew.  Anyway.  I said pork roulade, he got excited but wanted to stuff it with bread stuffing and cranberries.  Again I freaked out on seasonality technicalities and said it would only be Easter-y if it was stuffed with things like kale and feta. 

Then I got an email from Jake's at The Governor advertising their decadent Easter brunch, and I pleaded to just bag the whole damn thing and be served like royalty.  This was rebuffed.  My cooking was better!  The compliment was like a prison labor sentence. 

Tonight, knowing I didn't want to go to a crazy amount of effort but still wanting something special, I proposed a compromise.  We would have spring-acceptable ham, but with's gorgeous Baked Smoked Ham with Mango treatment.  Agreed on all sides.

Now I'm reaching out to you, my beautiful readers, to help me plan the rest of the menu.  What is your favorite spring side?  Do you have a great Easter tradition? 

We had already decided on Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert and it wouldn't be Easter without not-as-good-as-my-mom's-but-I'll-still-try Deviled Eggs.  Everything else is pretty much up for grabs.  I'd love to keep it seasonal, as we're going to our first market of the season this Saturday. 

I'd love to create a new tradition, so please let me know your favorites. 


  1. At my mom's, ham is usually accompanied by a heavy potato and/or cheese dish. But that's my Midwest upbringing.

  2. That's definitely Matt's mentality, so as much as I'd like to do some light, earthy side dish, I think I'll just make the damn cheesy potatoes.