Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eats by the Sea


Okay, I'm nowhere tropical.  But it's as close as I've gotten to a seafront resort vacation in ages.  I'm in Seaside for my MFA residency.  I get to be away from it all for 11! days, reacquanting myself with the friends and faculty I met in June at the Forest Grove residency.  And I get to eat every meal out.  I've been scoping since I got here around lunchtime, and I already have my eye on a big sushi place and a funky-looking Cajun restaurant.  Oh!  And there's seafood shops with crabs and clams and all kinds of fresh stuff to bring home, so maybe I'll do that too.  We'll see.  Anyway, I'll be working on getting a step closer to being a real, officially-certified writer.  Then you can read this blog and know it's got cred.

My comma key is sticking.  That sucks.

Anyway, that's what I am, and what I'm doing.  Let's see if I post anything.  If not, I will when I get back fo'sho!

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