Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lemons and a Yoga Mat

When we were at Target this morning, I nearly crashed my cart when I saw this store-front endcap:


Matt, probably catching the freaked-out stares of stoic Wilsonvillians, urged me to keep walking.  "They're just bananas!"

But they're at Target.  And if you're anything like me, you've probably had an errand-getting list that looks like this:

- Fancifully-colored pens
- Cute Halloween decorations
- Wedding card
- Yoga mat
- 2 lemons

In which case I have to go to Target but duck into some other grocery store for the lemons.

(But Tabitha!  You could just go to Fred Meyer.)

Shut up.  It's not the same and you know it.  I love the aesthetics of Target.  I love their selection.  I love just going to see what I can see.  Incorporating groceries into that mix is so convenient, it brings tears to my eyes.  But judging from the crowd I saw, I'm just about the only person aside from the corporate marketing team that is as thrilled as I.

The selection is fairly basic, with standard produce, breads, dairy and such that will flesh out most everyday recipes you have planned.  They even have basic cheese!  Fresh mozzarella, Dubliner, chevre and kinda-aged Parmesan... I never thought I'd see a mini cheese case in a Target.

One product I was super-happy to see was ground pork.  Not every grocery store carries it, and it's the chief ingredient in our beloved banh mi sandwiches and Matt's favorite meatloaf.  Sure, if I'm planning ahead I'll go to New Seasons, but if we just want something quick and spontaneous it's nice to have an option so much closer to home. 

Today we picked up tomatoes, milk, zucchini and turkey.  At home I mixed the chopped-up tomato with leftover chimichurri and orzo for a quick pasta salad, and it was fresh and store-bought flavorful (as compared to garden-fresh exquisiteness that's still a few months off or close-to-it farmers marketness).  Now Matt looks over at me and rolls his eyes:  "you're really blogging about Target?"

Yes.  I am.  It is awesome. 


  1. Convenience is awesome. I love Target too. It really is nice being able to make just one stop.

  2. It's all about balance: convenience when it's essential, something nice when you can be thoughtful. Too much of either and you'll go insane.