Sunday, September 19, 2010


How horrible at this have I been lately?  Jeez.  I'm sorry.  I don't have a lot of great excuses, except for work and school and life making me tired and unmotivated (you know, after accomplishing their demands).  I guess here's a quick update on a few things:

a.  Don't try buying 40 pounds of tomatoes and try canning chunks and spaghetti sauce in one day.  The day will stretch for 12 hours until you're waiting for jars to process at 1 am, and hating yourself.  I've accomplished the rare feat of hating innocent tomatoes.

b.  I love ouzo.  Oh my god how have I not known about this stuff yet?!  We went to Alexis downtown with some friends as part of a new let's-eat-somewhere-new-each-month tradition.  Fantastic food, terrible service.  It seriously took us an hour and forty minutes to get our entrees.  Boo.  But also, no one's told me about moussaka.  YUM!  I'm so trying that this week, and I promise to god to post the results.

c.  I had to start Weight Watchers.  Well, I guess I didn't HAVE to.  I could have kept waddling along, but food and body were getting much too out of balance in my life.  I love food - cooking it, writing about it, sharing it, planning it, buying it... the entire process brings me so much joy and fulfillment.  Unfortunately, I'm not someone that can just make and eat whatever she wants without significantly gaining weight.  My strict eating habits have gone lax the last 2 years, in the way of great cheeses, delicious sauces and other decadent ingredients (some that you wouldn't even think were bad!).  I'm hoping I can regain a balance between cooking and being careful, but for now I've had to be very stringent with myself.  Do you really want to read about my hummus and vegetable sandwiches on Bagel Thins?  Well, they are really good.  I must say. 

Anyhow, I will definitely make an effort to be better.  Thanks to everyone that reads!  I will be nicer to you, I promise.


  1. What is ouzo? Bet its not on the menu at the Buttered Biscuit!

  2. It's that Greek liqeuor that tastes like licorice - the WASPs got drunk off it in My Big Fat Greek Wedding! So I'm pretty sure it's not at the Buttered Biscuit!! But hey, where are we going to eat next weekend?