Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eats of Eden Goes a'schoolin'

Listening to The Airborne Toxic Event and unpacking pens into a light oak drawer.  Yep, I am definitely back in college.  I'm going to be updating Eats of Eden as often as I can with hilarious misadventures that (I'm hoping) will ensue.  Also, just to keep things in check with theme, I'll be re-exploring the world of Dorm Food.

This is what I plan to eat for the next 10 days:

Frozen "gourmet" foods, mostly from Whole Foods.  Some of my favorite brands from my cheese marketing days, like Sukhi's Indian, and stuffed peppers that are endorsed by the Wisconsin Cheese Board.  Do they live up to the reputation, and the hype?  Will I dry up from salt overload and fall over?  Kill someone for a piece of fruit?  Luckily, I do have a car.  I may yet survive.  But we shall see.

Now, to find out how to access the "official" wifi network!  This shitty guest connection is killing me.

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